About Us

Our Story

Resultrust is a United States-based nonprofit organization with decades of experience in chemistry, quality management, and cannabis testing.

Traditionally, analytical methods and chemical data are available from resources such as government, academic, and industry databases. Because cannabis is scheduled by the DEA with drugs that are highly addictive and without medical benefit, widely-used research tools are not available to scientists studying cannabis. Resultrust is providing these tools for science, without the limits of politics.

Our History

Resultrust was founded by chemists servicing the cannabis industry. Initially needed as a means to discern between quality and potency, the rapid state-level legalization, accessing resources of consistent quality was tedious, if not impossible. When looking for the mass spectrum of delta-9-THC on the NIST Web Book (it isn’t there,) the idea for resultrust was spawned.


Our Mission

Our goal is to be the primary source of scientifically vetted information about cannabis by providing technical resources to analytical chemists, informative papers to the cannabis industry, and education for all including a forum to connect in.